Choose the Right Strain to Get the Most Out of Your Buzz

Everyone enjoys a slightly different kind of buzz from cannabis. Some are looking for the heavier, sedating feeling while others are looking for the upbeat and mind buzzing type of strain – and yet some prefer a little more balance between the two.

Anyone can benefit from cannabis if used responsibly, it’s just a matter of knowing how to choose the right strain. No matter what you prefer, an indica, sativa, a hybrid – or if you enjoy bouncing between all three – there is an ideal time to enjoy each type of strain to get the most out of each buzz.

When to Choose a Sativa

Sativa strains are the ones that are likely to leave you feeling energized, euphoric and able to “hyper-focus” on just about any task you put your mind to from baking cookies to finally working on the paperwork you’ve been neglecting for work. If you’re planning a full day of things to do and want it to feel less overwhelming, then consider a wake and bake with a sativa strain to make the most of the natural energy boost and stress-free mentality.

When to Choose an Indica

Indica strains are the ones that are often described as heavy and sedating, leaving you feeling couch-locked and are likely to induce the munchies. If you are someone who finds your mind wandering late into the night, not allowing you decent rest, then an indica strain could help you combat insomnia. Taking a few good hits of a strong indica strain is certainly a good way to ensure that you get a restful sleep once you can no longer keep your eyes open.

When to Choose a Hybrid

If you’re someone who enjoys – or even benefits from – the body buzz that is more commonly provided by indica strains, but you still have a lot to take care of, then a hybrid could be the best answer for you. This can be a hit or a miss depending on the hybrid – if you’re planning on wake and baking or using this type of strain as a daytime option then ensure that it is either a 50/50 balance or a sativa dominant strain for the best results.

Whether you are looking for a sativa to kick-start your day, a hybrid to keep you running when the day starts to wear on you, or an indica to help you wind down when you call it a night, you can and should always make the most out of your buzz. Cannabis is a medicinal herb, and it’s medicinal benefits do not stop at common medical conditions – and Evergreen Organix offers a line of vape products that offer sativa, indica or hybrid cartridge options to help you get the most out of each session.

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