Follow These Tips for Safe and Responsible Cannabis Use

We’re all used to seeing “drink responsibly” written on any alcohol packaging or marketing or said at the end of any alcohol ad – so we shouldn’t expect much different in a legal cannabis industry. While the risks of overconsumption are often far less dangerous than those posed when overconsuming cannabis, there are still risks that you should weigh before you light up. It’s up to us, as cannabis consumers, to prove that the herb can be used safely and responsibly.

Start “Low and Slow” with Edibles

One of the biggest mistakes for cannabis consumers – often inexperienced ones – is to eat too much of an edible marijuana product. While a cannabis “overdose” won’t kill you, or even cause lasting damage, it can be uncomfortable and scary – so it is recommended that you start with only 5-10 milligrams of THC if you’re new to the experience of edibles.

Also, always remember to wait at least an hour before deciding that it’s not enough THC and consuming more. It takes a lot longer for your body to process THC through digestion and this is what often leads to people over-doing it.

Choose Vapor When Inside (or Always)

Though smoking is the “traditional” way to consume cannabis there are many reasons that you should consider the switch to vaping. For one, you don’t have to abandon regular flower, many vaporizers are compatible with both concentrates and dry herb. In general, vaporizing is simply better for you than smoking and provides almost the exact same experience with a purer high – but even if you still smoke from time to time your home will appreciate being smoke free when you choose to vape instead.

Keep Your Stash Locked Away

One of the biggest arguments by prohibitionists is the danger that legalization poses to children and teenagers – but activists often point out that a budtender is going to check ID where a drug dealer likely wouldn’t care. However, there is still the risk that kids could get into their parents unmarked edibles or decide to try their vape pen when you’re not looking because they think it “looks cool.”

This is why it is important that if you are in a household with children that you keep your stash – whether it be a pipe and flower, a batch of brownies or a vape pen – far out of reach of any children or teens. After all, you wouldn’t let them near other medications or booze, would you?

Don’t Let Recreation Interfere with Life

The number one rule when it comes to being a responsible cannabis consumer is to ensure that recreation never interferes with real life. We all like getting our buzz on – but that can’t be your only priority. If you’re cutting it close on rent or late on your bills every month – or worse, short for these things – but somehow, you’ve always got smoke, well then, you’re not being a very responsible consumer. Once again, it is up to us to prove that adults can consume cannabis in a safe and responsible manner – starting with these tips will ensure we disprove stoner stereotypes.

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