10 Medical Benefits of Cannabis you Probably Never Knew

When you hear about cannabis, it is a big possibility that a negative image forms in your mind. This has to do with the misconceptions and apprehensions regarding its use that have prevailed for generations. However, researchers and studies have found out otherwise. There are a number of benefits that arise with the use of cannabis in our day-to-day lives. This article intends to venture into the medical benefits of cannabis, which can improve your life manifold and help you tackle a range of ailments.


As we become older, our bones and joints go through wear and tear. Besides, spasms and cramps are all too common to occur from time to time. You can thus use cannabis to combat the agony and overcome it efficiently. Cannabis sativa is known to have analgesic properties that play a vital role in giving a boost to the immune system. It can be paired up with your regular steroid dosage without causing any harm. Those suffering from ailments ranging from arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain can also take the recourse of cannabis medically. The patients of arthritis have also seen a good recovery with its judicious use over time.

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As we all might have experienced ourselves, the incidence of work pressure, performance stress, relationship problems, and unfulfilled expectations can be a part and parcel of life. However, these can take a toll on the mental health of the person and can become a cause for depression and anxiety.

The best quality cannabis seeds provide a great deal of help to tackle these ailments, due to its ability to release endorphins in the body, also known as happy hormones. This shall also allow you to regulate mood in the situations where stress takes over.

Incorporating a small amount of cannabis into your food, juice and other drinks can help in reducing the bouts of anxiety and depression.


Characterized by the uncontrolled proliferation of cells in particular part of the body, cancer is one of the most threatening diseases. Although a lot of research is ongoing, initial ones suggest that it has the ability to kill the existing cancer cells and also play the role of avoiding the spreading of cancer in the body.

The treatment of cancer also involves the patient undergoing chemotherapy sessions, which bring along the side-effects of nausea and vomiting. The consumption of cannabis ensures that the patient is able to deal with these ailments successfully.


Acne is quite common amongst teenagers but can go on to remain even in the middle age years. The reasons behind its onset range from sebum overproduction in the pores of the skin, hormonal imbalance, contact of harmful bacterias with the skin, stressful lives.

This is where cannabis can come into use. Its users can gain the benefit of the cleansing of the pores of the skin, bring about a reduction in sebum production, and rejuvenate the skin with the removal of dead cells. The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis also contribute to the treatment of acne.


This ailment occurs when the pressure in the eyeballs increase, which leads to the injury of the optic nerve in severe cases. It can even go on to cause loss of eyesight if left untreated. Thus, you must ensure you get yourself checked with your doctor in order to get over the problem. As per the findings of an article, those who smoke cannabis experience a reduction in the intraocular pressure. Hence, cannabis can become a useful way of lowering the pressure inside the eye, cure the ailment and protect the eye from any damage.


Epileptic seizures happen due to abnormal neuronal activity in the brain. If you are wondering how cannabis can prove to be medically important in controlling epileptic seizures, it contains THC. It is the THC that enables the binding of the brain cells responsible for causing excitement and brings about relaxation. Thus, it further helps achieve normalcy by reducing the seizures quite effectively.


An inflammatory disorder of the bowel, Crohn’s Disease can cause vomiting, weight loss, and diarrhea. Though cannabis may not cure the ailment in each instance, it provides relief to the patients suffering from the symptoms. A study conducted by Meir Medical Center and Sackler Faculty of Medicine found out that those who indulge in smoking cannabis witness an improvement in the problems that arise with the disease.


Multiple Sclerosis can be the reason for neurological effects that are detrimental, muscle spasms, and painful instances. Those who smoke cannabis experience a whole lot of betterment when it comes to dealing with pain. The availability of the compound of THC in it plays the role of bonding the receptors in the muscles and nerves to further ease off the negative effects.


Smoking cannabis significantly improves the functioning of the lungs according to an article, which proves to be positive for the lung capacity. Not only does that help improve the carcinogenic effects of tobacco, but smoking of marijuana also helps in tackling the breathing problems due to its therapeutic nature.

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With the increase in age, neurodegenerative disorders start becoming all too common amongst people. You can thus make use of cannabis to strengthen the power of your brain and ensures its health. It can also be used to manage any damage that might occur to the brain due to strokes. The presence of the compound called CBD in it also enables the brain receptors to react to them effectively.

For those who wish to buy it, can do so from the online dispensary like CBDSense. The medical world has accepted cannabis as a healer in many respects. Thus, all these points prove that it is high time we explore the benefits of the consumption of cannabis and shed our age-old inhibitions about it.

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