Strain Overview: Cookies and Cream

When it comes to classic favorites Cookies and Cream is something that comes to mind when thinking about candy, cookies and ice cream – and soon it will be for cannabis as well. A hybrid cross of Starfighter and an undetermined Girl Scout Cookies phenotype created by Exotic Genetix, Cookies and Cream is a hybrid with great balance and one Cannabis Cup already under its belt from 2014.

Appearance and Aroma

Fluffy and often described as “popcorn shaped” these forest green nugs have deep purple undertones and flaming wiry orange hairs. A healthy blanket coating of clear crystal trichomes cover the entire bud, creating a stunning visual appeal. With a sweet, nutty and earthy aroma you will find just a hint of vanilla when burning your bowl pack.

Before and After Taste

The flavor is just what you would expect from its name – a sweet vanilla base with a creamy buttery and nutty flavor on the exhale. This strain is known for being a favorite for not having too much of an earthy taste to it, being rather sweet when compared to a danker flavor palate like a Cheese or Skunk strain.

Physical and Mental Effects

With an average THC level of 26% this strain is clearly a potent one for a hybrid – with a buzz that starts as a euphoric cerebral effect that is likely to boost creativity and provide a sense of energy. This productivity boosting buzz will last through the beginning of your high – but will be accompanied suddenly by a blissful relaxation, an almost sedating effect. The effects are perfectly balanced, making it a perfect strain for any fan of hybrid strains.

Medicinal Benefits and Uses
Due to the powerful THC content this strain is great for people looking to medicate with marijuana. The fact that it is a hybrid makes this strain great for daytime consumption as well as evening consumption – when dosed properly.

Cookies and Cream is perfect for treating conditions like chronic pain, stress or anxiety, insomnia, nausea, depression, muscle spasms and migraines among other conditions. Talk to your doctor about whether medical marijuana is the right treatment option for your condition.

Fleur Brands offers Cookies and Cream in both pre-rolled joints and regular flower. Pre-rolled joints are available in 0.6 gram and 1-gram options, while flower is sold by the 1/8th or by the gram. Fleur products are available to consumers 21 and older or who hold a valid medical marijuana ID card in the state of Nevada – and products can be found using WeedMaps.

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